Continuing Education

When you have earned your certification for CPIM, CSCP, and/or CTLD, you are well on your way to advancing your career and making a huge impact to the future of supply chain. Part of what makes ASCM members a cut above the rest is the dedication to our practice. This is achieved by consistently learning and expanding your skillsets by participating in conferences, seminars, meetings, trainings, and other supply chain related activities offered by your local chapter or other companies around the Portland area.



Like most other certifications from other professional organizations, in order to maintain them you will need to accumulate Continuing Education credits (this is recognized as "professional development points" at the national-level). Your APICS certifications are valid for 5 full years from the date you have earned your certifications. Towards the end of the 5 years, you will need to submit a maintenance application to renew your certification and provide information showing that you have earned 75 Continuing Education credits or more.


Maintenance Process

We understand that this may be a confusing process, so we have provided a short guide below to show you want you need to do to maintain your CPIM, CSCP, and/or CLTD certifications.

  • Step 1: Earn your certification:
    • Congrats! You are a certified professional and have the priviledge of appending the CPIM, CSCP, and/or CLTD designation after your name.

  • Step 2: Keep Learning and Growing
    • You have 5 years to earn Continuing Education credits.
    • Credits can be achieved in a number of ways. Refer to our handy point structure table in the "Point Structure" section on this page.
    • Track your points, and keep documentation for future audits.

  • Step 3: Renew your certification
    • You can renew anytime within the 5-year cycle.
    • Visit the following link to begin your renewal process: Maintenance Application
      • Fill out the appropriate fields
      • Provide payment for an application fee of $75 (ASCM/APICS member), or $150 (non-member). Your membership status is determined at the time you're submitting for your renewal.
    • For your convenience the Portland chapter has created this Tracker to help track your points


Important Details

There are a couple of things to note about renewing your certifications. If you do not renew by your maintenance date (5 years after issue of certification) or if you do not have enough Continuing Education credits by the time of your renewal, your certification will automatically be suspended and is no longer valid. If your certification has been suspended, you can still renew, however it will require 15 more Continuing Education credits for each year the certification has been suspended for. If your certification has been suspended for 5 or more years, your certification will be completely revoked. Reinstating a revoked certification will require a retake of all necessary certification exams. We advise our membership to renew as early as possible to avoid this from happening.

Once your maintenance application is approved, your new renewal date will occur 5 years later from your current renewal date. (For example, if you have been issued your certification on June 30 in 2016, your current renewal date would be June 30 in 2021. Once you renew, your new renewal date will be June 30 2026.)


Point Structure

Below, you will find the many different ways to earn credits towards your maintenance. This is broken out into two different categories: Education and Service. The ASCM Oregon Chapter have found from our membership that the easiest way to earn Continuing Education credits is attending our Professional Development Meetings, Plant Tours, and Workshops.

Educational Activities Credits

Pass a Certification Exam

20 per exam

Complete an ASCM Oregon Chapter class with >80% score on post assessment test

30 per course

Attend a Professional Development Meeting, Plant Tour, or Workshop

2 per event

Have an active ASCM membership

6 per year

Have an active approved professional organizational membership

2 per year

Attend an ASCM Conference

8 per day

Take a Supply Chain related College/University course

(Credit Hours)

(# of weeks)

Take/Teach a Supply Chain related training program

1 per hour taken

2 per hour taught

Read relevant books (200-page minimum)

5 per book

Conduct relevant Project Management work

2 <100 hrs

5 100-499 hrs

10 500+ hrs


Service Activities Credits

Be a mentor for a student through ASCM Corporate

2 per mentee
per year

Hold a board position with the ASCM Oregon Chapter

5 per year
per position

Volunteer for ASCM Corporate

1 per hour

Write Supply Chain related books or articles

40 per book

5 per article