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2020 APICS Portland Chapter Year End

Hello everyone,

We at the APICS Portland Chapter hope that everyone is enjoying a safe summer so far! It's been a while since our last communication and I wanted to let our membership know what has transpired since then and what we're planning for in the future.

Late last month, we hosted a virtual meeting for our Membership Night. At first, we did not know how this event would unfold, but as we planned and participated in numerous other types of virtual meetings, we felt confident in the format and hope that everyone had enjoyed their time with us. We appreciate those who were able to participate and wanted to also congratulate Craft Brew AllianceJohnstone SupplyKelly Griffin, and Blake Smith for being recognized as companies and members who contributed to the success of our chapter.

Furthermore, since this was a charity event, I wanted to formally announce that at the end of the evening, the membership and the APICS Portland Chapter has donated a total of $830 to the Oregon Food Bank! Our contribution to the community will help the Oregon Food Bank as demand for support continues to increase during these times.

On the subject of classes, we have recently pushed back registrations by two weeks to allow more time for any prospective students to sign up. Even though counties are beginning to open back up, we will still be conducting classes virtually for the safety our of membership. We have even opened up and are offering all of our prep courses: CPIM PART 1CPIM PART 2CSCP, and CLTD.

During our Membership Night, we also held our yearly board elections. The APICS Portland Chapter board year start from July and ends in June the following year. At the end of this month, my 2-year term as president will be coming to a close and I will be handing the reins over to our newly elected president, Mariia Voss. She will also be joined by Sherri Merrill as executive vice-president, and Nancy Sheld as treasurer. I can already tell that our chapter will continue to flourish from this leadership change and that our chapter will continue to be the best it has ever been. I myself am looking forward to joining the board of directors in a more consulting role focusing on projects and facilitating our transition. 

It's been quite the ride leading this chapter to where it is now. The APICS Portland Chapter board of directors are an amazing group of people with decades of supply chain experience, focused on giving back to our membership and the community. For a group of volunteers, it is surprising that we accomplished as much as we did. We have done so much and have tried many new things in the past two years, it felt that we grew ten-fold. The experience in leading this talented group has helped me grow to become the leader I am today. It has been a very fun and incredibly rewarding adventure. As I count down the days I have left as president, I want to let everyone know this: Being a leader takes many forms. The hard part of leadership is figuring out the form that works best for you AND for everyone else. I hope that my leadership these past two years has been beneficial for everyone as it was for me.

You are all in good hands for the next board year, and I wish everyone a great summer. I am crossing my fingers in hopes that we will eventually see each other face-to-face in the future! Please continue to stay safe out there.

Your soon-to-be Past President,

Charlie Tang MBA
APICS - Portland Chapter
[email protected]